Long time no hear a reason to be amazed from me?

Read on!

Accessibility in Chisinau! Yes, you read it right, in Chișinău!

It’s strange to be amazed when I see something that has been done and to which I have access, being visually impaired, especially since we are in 2022.

But I am all the more amazed because I discovered an inclusive thing in Chișinău, and it’s something I haven’t seen anywhere else!

Not that I’m a great traveler 😊 I still haven’t been to all the places I’ve been thinking about, 😊 but I’ve traveled around the EU.

Wait and see, I don’t know what I was up to, us busy people we move from point A to point B just to have a place to return to many times, but clearly, the people around me are excluded 😊. And as I had about 2 km to go in a relatively short time, I thought I’d take a trolleybus for about 3 stops.

I get on it and hear the voice in the speakers: “Next stop is X, the trolleybus runs on line Y” (the line on which the trolleybus runs, basically, means its number).

I said to myself, that’s great, that way you’re sure you can’t go more than one stop in the wrong direction, in case those who haven’t seen the trolleybus number or even those who weren’t paying attention to it.

Yes, I haven’t heard that anywhere else, now, thinking about how it would be more practical, so that I could find out the transport number when it arrives at the station, so that from the beginning I would be sure I took exactly what I needed.

Maybe a speaker on the outside of the transport unit, saying: station X, the transport unit runs on line Y.

It would be a real help for those with visual impairments, for those who are not paying attention, etc.

But even what has been done is good.

Anything is better than nothing and it’s an extraordinary example to follow!

Would this information in audio format be useful to you?

Waiting for your comments.

#Accessibility_is_not_a_luxury and it doesn’t need to be done in big steps and through the most expensive methods. Accessibility can even be achieved by just adding 3 more words to what is already being broadcasted in public transport units.